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14,586 different products, managed by a single system, so you know we can handle yours.
Enrollment123 brings together products from dozens of providers — from major healthcare networks to specialty niche companies — and makes them available for you to customize for your clients. Your team only needs to log into one system to have it all at their fingertips.
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It's how 236,000 agents, armed only with their laptops, service 1,493,000 policies.
With Enrollment123, agencies can manage an unlimited number of agents who can manage unlimited policyholders, with one customizable platform that includes marketing, enrollment, and retention.
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Every year, we enable over $1 billion in payments and commissions, like clockwork.
Enrollment123 facilitates timely and accurate collections from policyholders and payments to agents. With 20 years of experience, we've automated the process to maximize your efficiency.
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Multiple products, multiple platforms, multiple markets.

We just make it work.

Scale your business while consolidating multiple technology platforms including accounting, CRM, broker management, marketing, enrollment, operations, and reporting systems.

With over 15 years of experience serving hundreds of thousands of agents, millions of policyholders, and billions in transactions, we just make it work.

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“Enrollment123 gives us a common system for all our employees and clients.”

— Lauren Becerra-Gongora
Vice President Operations at GlobalBenefit Administration Services

Enrollment123 can just make it work for you. Let’s get started.