About Us

E123 is the leading provider of software solutions for organizations to manage their products, people, and payments, making it easy as E123.

Since 2001, we have automated selling, enrollment, billing, administration, commission-tracking, and customer communications for agents, customers, members, and employees, giving our clients the tools to help launch and grow their businesses. Our enterprise platform securely manages over $1 billion in payments, including revenue from 1,493,000 policies and commissions to over 236,000 agents on over 14,500 products.

We provide business process reengineering that allows for configurable workflows to reduce handoffs, eliminate errors, cut costs, and increase sales. Our consultative resources assist you with process design and system configuration, and we pride ourselves on a collaborative approach with client processes to drive efficiency and savings.

Customers that benefit from Enrollment123 solutions include insurance companies, independent health insurance agents, call centers, healthcare sharing organizations, Medicare Advantage selling agencies, field marketing organizations (FMO),  insurance marketing organizations (IMO), third-party administrators (TPA), managing general agents (MGA), lead generators, marketing agencies, multi-level sales organizations, among many additional distribution channels.

We help our clients from start-up to scale and have a track record of helping closers become entrepreneurs in building successful, thriving companies.

E123. InsurTech, Easy as E123

If you are interested in partnering with E123 please contact us directly at Sale[email protected] or 800.385.8363 ext 2