A single platform solution for Agent, Member and Policy Lifecycle Management with product API integration.

Carriers have relied on E123 for years to increase revenue and compliance best practices while reducing overhead costs. Carriers turn to E123 due to complex, manual internal processes that incorporate multiple data sources with legacy systems, all simplified on the E123 platform through automated processes.

Our platform allows you to easily enroll and manage the membership lifecycle, track agent-level performance, flag early-warning KPIs such as chargebacks, rapid disenrollment, and overall be more compliant with selling practices and member management.

E123 also provides CarrierConnect123 with access to over 250,000 independent distribution agents to provide more products to more members.

Insurance Marketing Organization

Support and grow your downline and exceed carrier standards.

Insurance Marketing Organizations (IMO) have partnered with E123 for many years, as we provide a robust platform allowing you to engage your downline, and agents to engage their members.
We provide a platform that enables you to effectively contract agents and set an agent hierarchy of your choosing. The E123 platform empowers agents to sell carrier products efficiently, manage the member engagement process post-enrollment, and provides member and agent tools with an end goal of higher plan persistency.
Built-in automated reports, as well as ad-hoc reporting keep you up-to-date with sales initiatives with specific or multiple agents.
With access to over 250,000 independent agents, we can also help you to grow your business through product distribution.

Health and Medical Cost Sharing

A platform that supports the sales, member, and agent management of healthcare sharing programs to deliver optimal program persistency.

For years, healthcare sharing ministries (HCSM) and medical cost sharing organizations have turned to E123 to compliment their sales process and provide timely recurring billing for members with non-insured products. The agent appointment and sales process with the E123 platform is structured to meet the extensive compliance regulations set upon health and medical cost sharing programs, and delivers on-time commission payments for selling agents.

The E123 platform allows health sharing organizations to set up non-insured and insured products with agent management hierarchy control to guarantee that the right agents are providing the right products at the point-of-sale.

With key member and agent engagement features such as email engagement, member and record tracking, extensive sales reports, and the ability to update key member information in real time, you’ll see why health sharing and medical cost sharing organizations turn to E123 to deliver optimal member persistency.

Medicare Advantage

We simplify the member and agent management process by providing accurate member and commission data in real time.

With Medicare Advantage, a key function overlooked for years is Medicare Advantage selling agencies being able to appropriately manage member data due to manual and extensive communication processes with the carriers.
E123 identified this issue by launching MedAd123 which allows you to manage an accurate book of business with commission and advance payment management. Our platform makes it simple, as we can ingest enrollment data based on your requirements, provide accurate member enrollment and reporting status, and provide overall policy life cycle management for members enrolled with Medicare Advantage. The system also allows you to set an agent hierarchy with audit and error reporting to ensure accurate commission payouts.
MedAd123 allows you to create expected commissions for new Medicare Advantage policies, manage year one and subsequent monthly commissions, ingest commission data from carriers and TPAs, automate calculation and tracking of commissions, utilize audit and exception reporting to identify potential errors, and identify disenrolls and commission claw backs.
We also make it E123 easy when it comes to advances. Our platform enables multiple advance types, such as Heap or Loan, allowing you to better manage disenrolls and advance claw backs.

Field Marketing Organization

Enable and grow your downline through agent and member platform solutions

Having worked with Field Marketing Organizations for years, we provide renowned platform services to ensure your downline is engaged and able to sell healthcare and membership programs meeting both the carrier and organization’s standards.
The platform allows agents to efficiently enroll members, and effectively engage members through text message and email to ensure longer membership persistency. Agent hierarchy features allow you to set your downline to your liking, and built-in automated reports, as well as ad-hoc reporting allow you to stay up-to-date with sales initiatives with single or multiple agents.
With access to over 250,000 independent agents, we can also help you to grow your business through the plans that you provide.

Call Centers

Track your leads. Enroll members through your customized sales website. Manage members and agents in one location.

Supporting call centers since our inception, E123 makes it simple for call center agents to enroll members in real time and effectively manage members through the lifetime of their program.

Our platform simplifies the process of selling a member program through customizable sales websites, while providing a back-office to set your agent hierarchy, track and manage commissions, invoices and payables, and provide accurate recurring member billing.

Sales Agencies

Engage, enroll, and support members with the E123 Platform.

When E123 was founded, we made it our mission to provide an all-encompassing CRM solution for members and sales agents. We saw that there was a market need to connect member management with recurring billing solutions, and we didn’t stop there.
E123 provides sales agencies a powerful rate engine with electronic signature at the point of sale, as well as secure program issuance and fulfillment based on program provider requirements. With roles-based access for agents and members, you can delegate which information can and cannot be viewed, as well as set a sales hierarchy matching organizational roles.
Commissions can be viewed in real time and set to your organizational needs for paying out agent commissions. Agent and member reporting can be automated and customized to your liking. We also simplify the vendor remittance process providing an excellent vendor tracking experience and accurate payables.

Lead Generators

Successfully convert leads into sales through effective lead engagement tools and processes.

Whether lead acquisition derives from bulk list import or a 3rd-party lead source, the core of the E123 platform provides powerful CRM tracking that allows end users to engage and convert leads into sales in an efficient process.
E123 provides you the ability to add and assign leads to internal and external agents including a round-robin approach, easily create and work lead lists from acquisition to point-of-sale, track lead calls and interactions including documentation, customize lead tracking processes, and offers selling agents extensive search capabilities to locate leads quickly.
With E123, you can personalize each step of the lead outreach cycle through personalized marketing emails, internal note tracking, and the ability to engage bulk email lead lists with customizable messaging, and all in one location.

Third Party Administrators

Better manage wholesale member sales, billing and eligibility processes.

E123 has partnered with numerous Third-Party Administrators (TPA) over the years to help them better manage their wholesale member sales and billing and eligibility processes through a secure and compliant platform.
The platform provides the ease of coordinating carrier files across your client-base, allowing TPA’s to better manage their clients. TPAs rely on the E123 Platform to set-up group enrollments with rate engines, create workflow tracking that compliments organizational processes, and access real-time client, agent and member status through secure platform measures.
E123 prides itself on product compliance across all clients and provides everything from reporting and member engagement to recurring billing, commission payout, payables and tracking of advances.


Partner with E123 to help grow your business.

In addition to the ample technology solutions we provide to our clients, we also partner with many organizations in varying capacities to help you grow your business. Partnerships are key to ongoing support efforts of our clients and include such areas as…

  • Referral programs for merchant account processors
  • Referral programs with Chargeback Vendors
  • Referral programs with Lead Generators
  • Product sourcing
  • API product integration with Carriers

If you are interested in partnering with E123 please contact us directly at [email protected] or 800.385.8363 ext 2